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Make Money while in School

Make Money while in School

Are you tired of demanding for money from your parents? Do you wish to make money online or offline at the same time schooling?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then this article is for you.

Nowadays, if you wait until graduation before you start sourcing for means to make money, you’ll end up wasting your time after graduation. Every year, thousands of students graduate and almost all are unemployed graduates. Some, due to the frustration they end up enrolling for any trade or business just to earn a living.

Don’t worry about raising huge capital to startup because the ideas i’ll be sharing will require little or no startup capital.

  1. Organise Tutorials for Students

You should be able to create some time for yourself in order to be able to host tutorials for students. Hosting tutorials won’t take much of your time as you’ll end up spending 2hrs in a day taking tutorials. At the end of each month you may end up realizing nothing less than N20,000. You only spend little money buying white board marker.

What you need to get started is to design an advertisement flyer, either soft or hard copy. Paste the hard copy flyers around school walls where students can easily find it. Post the soft copy flyers on various students’ group. Set a price for your tutorials. I advice you start with N100 per lesson, with time you can increase it.

2. Assist Students Sell Their Used Phones/Gadgets

In universities you see students with expensive phones, laptops and gadgets. School is a place where expensive phones and gadgets are used and you can also buy used items at a very cheap rate that you can’t imagine.

What you need to do is to establish yourself as a trustworthy and legit reseller who can assist them sell & buy used gadgets within the school environment, get your commission after a successful business.

In most cases, you only serve as the middle man who connects the buyer and the seller.

You can also place advert on E-commerce platform like OList, jiji, and Olx. You can also place advert on Facebook.

3. House Agent

Most students prefer to get a house off campus, with the level of house scarcity around, students always have challenges securing accommodation off camp. House agent business is very lucrative in schools environment.

Your duty is to source for vacant spaces around the school premises, discuss with the landlord and get in contact with the person interested. After the person pays for the house, you get your commission from the client or from the Landlord. Most house agents charges N5,000 as commission. You can see how lucrative this business is.

5. Freelance Job

If you have any good skill, you can turn that skill into a source of income for yourself. If you have knowledge in graphic designing, writing, web designing, etc. You can make much money with these skills if you have a laptop that connects the internet.

Just search for freelancing websites, advertise your skills, secure contracts and start earning. You can also advertise your skills on school groups, and also by pasting flyers around school walls.

7. Join Affiliate Sites

Nowadays, people earn enough money from doing online task using their phones or laptops. You don’t need any office to start making money from most of the available affiliate sites.

The most popular affiliate system students now go into are those sites that pays for reading news, sharing sponsored post and making blog post. It won’t cost you much to become a member and start earning from this platforms. The least money you can pay to register is N500.

Examples of news affiliate websites are;

Supergists: N500 to register. Click here to know more.

Giftalworld: N2500 to register. Click here to know more.

There are more available, you just have to select the best and register.

So far, i have shown you seven means of making money in school. The above ideas i shared are ideas that won’t take much of your time as you really need much time for your academic activities.

Leave a comment below if you have any other means students can earn money in school.



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