GARRI WHOLESALE BUSINESS: How To Be Successful In Garri Distribution

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GARRI WHOLESALE BUSINESS: How To Be Successful In Garri Distribution

GARRI WHOLESALE BUSINESS: How To Be Successful In Garri Distribution

You don’t need to own a garri factory before you can consider starting up a garri distribution business in Nigeria.

We all know that garri is one of the most predominant food consumed in Nigeria.

I have every reason to say that garri distribution business is the hottest cake in Nigeria. This business can generate over millions of naira if done well.

In Nigeria, almost every family consumes garri everyday, no matter how much a cup of garri costs, families still buy garri for consumption.

Garri is used to eat soup and can also serve as a fast food when soaked with cold water. Unfortunately, no one considers garri business as one of the business idea forgetting that no home can’t do without garri, be it in time of recession or no recession.

The price for a cup of garri varies. In some places 2 cups of garri can be sold at N50 or N50 for 1 cup of garri.

In this article i’ll be showing you how you can make much gain from garri distribution business in Nigeria.

  1. Choice of Market

Before starting a garri distribution business, you must consider the market where you can get a quality garri that will attract good sales.

You must also consider the distance from your base to the market and how much it’ll cost you for transportation.

2. Make Choice by Quality

You don’t just buy any type of garri because it is garri, you have to go for the ones with high quality. There are some garri that doesn’t look attractive due to its low quality. Avoid buying garri with low quality.

3. Know Your Customer’s Taste

The colour and texture of garri matters as some are produced white and some are produced yellow.

You have to be certain with the type your customers likes. Don’t go and buy white garri because you like white garri, if not you will end up not selling much of it.

If 45% prefers white garri, know the quantity of garri you are going to buy from the market. And if 55% prefers yellow garri, make sure you buy much quantity that’ll serve.

4. Packaging

In every business, packaging is very important because it attracts customers.

Garri also need to be packaged just like other foods. If you are selling in bags, make sure the bags you’ll be using to sell the garri is a well designed and attractive one.

You can choose to go further in branding your business name on the bag. This will require you registering under a food regulatory authorities. But it is not really necessary to brand the bags, but if it is okay by you, then no problem with that.

5. Sales & Profit

After purchasing the garri from the market to your base, it is now time to make sales and profit.

Set a better price after calculating your expenses. Don’t be too stingy by setting a price that is too high with the aim of making huge profit.

Let your price be more unique to attract more patronage. You can decide to sell in bags, basins or in cups.

So far, you can see that you don’t really need millions to start up this business. The minimum capital amount you can start with is N25,000. N20,000 can get you two bags of garri, while N5,000 can serve as your transportation fair, depending on the location.

I hope with this little business idea you’ll be able to make millions.

GARRI WHOLESALE BUSINESS: How To Be Successful In Garri Distribution


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