Errands Running To Make Money

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Errands Running To Make Money

Errands Running To Make Money

It is quite unfortunate that so many people do not know that they can actually make much money by running errands for people.

They’re so many out there who sometimes may not be able to handle or deliver all their task due to their busy schedule at work. So they may want to involve an errand runner who can help them in doing this pilled up task and manage their schedules.

I know it may sound crazy for some persons who do not have an understanding about errand running.

You can actually run errands for people and get paid. Although in some countries or regions it is not common. But if you happen to find yourself in areas where errand running is not common, you can start it up and gradually with time you’ll surely gain a stand in the business.

One thing i like about errand running business is that you need little or no capital to startup. You just need a means of advertising the business which can be done using social media. But if you wish to advance more in the business, you can create a website or an app for easy request and order from customers.

In this article i’ll show you how you can make money by running errands. You can choose to start from any kind of errand task that i’ll be listing below.

1. Execute Household Tasks:

You can make money by completing household task for people who have busy schedules.

It is very simple after you must have setup a platform where your taskers (clients) can contact and request for a task. Setup a price you charge working per hour.

Let’s take for instance, you charge $1 (N360) per hour, and you ended up completing the household task in 5hrs. That means you’ll be paid $5 (N1800). Let’s say in a day you are lucky to run task for 2 different clients, at the end of the day you’ll go home with $10 (N3,600). It is becoming interesting right? That’s it.

2. Driving Task:

This is the most common errand one can run. In fact, people do it everyday.

You can decide to register under a company like Uber or you can be doing it without joining any registered service.

You can also advertise your service through any means of advertisement suitable for you. Whenever you are requested to give a ride, make sure you are fast enough to arrive at the location where your client would be waiting to improving your service rate or reputation.

Lets say you charge base on distance covered. If for instance you charge your client $1 per kilometer, calculate for 24km covered and see how much you’ll earn by completing one driving task. At the end of the day you may end up going home with an unimaginable amount of money.

All you need to run this errand is a vehicle.

3. Delivery/Shopping Task:

What you need for this kind of errand is either a motorcycle, bicycle, or a scooter for transportation. Or you may choose to be paying transportation fair, but this will cost you a lot. So, it’ll be okay if you go for what won’t cost you much. Remember, you need to make money.

Delivery/shopping task is just like other kinds of errands. Here you’ll be sent to either delivery clothes to a laundry shop or you’ll be asked to go shopping. Set a price for each delivery you make. Let’s say you charge $10 for delivery and at the end of the day you ended up completing 5 delivery task, your money for the day would be $50. Isn’t this enough to solve some of your problems for the week?

4. Online Errands:

We are now in a digital world where almost everything is done online.

What i mean by online errand; these are freelance platforms where you are paid for running digital errands for people/clients. Example: Fiverr, Upworks, etc.

These are freelance platforms where you’re paid for running errands for clients online. This aspect is based on the skills you are good at or the kind of service you offer.

Lets say you are very good in graphic designing, you can secure a task and after completing the task your clients pays you according to the amount you charge per task.

6. Laundry Task:

Laundry task is common, but i’m not talking about owning or opening a laundry shop. You can equally run laundry task for people in their homes without them taking it to a laundry shop.

Here you also charge either by the quantity of the clothes or you charge base on the time you’ll spend to complete the job.

7. House Sitting:

House sitting is different from No.1. House sitting most times may require you spending days, weeks or even months in your clients house. It is mostly considered as a long term errand task.

When people travel out of town, they need someone to make sure their home is kept clean, water their flowers, and secure their home until they’re back. You’ll get your payment when the person you’re working for returns back.

8. Home Servicing:

Home servicing is also common, but it has to do with the kind of skills you have. Lets take for instance, you know how to barb, you can be called to do a home service and get paid at the end of the task.

Not only for people with barbing skills, as an electrician, mechanic, etc. you can also secure a home service task.

So well, errand running is a business i can recommend you to startup. Do not mind the kind of environment you find yourself, just give it a try and make sure you do it well. Follow the saying: ”Anything worth doing is worth doing well”.

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Errands Running To Make Money



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