16 Ways To Be Successful In School

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16 Ways To Be Successful In School

Successful In School

Those successful students in school where not born smart, rather it was an extra work on themselves.

I’ve come to realise that no student is more intelligent than the other.

They are just more disciplined and concentrated, and they have developed winning skills. So, don’t be carried away.

In this article i’m going to show you how to be successful in school even when you consider yourself as a dump.

1. Review What You’ve Learned After Class on The Same Day

This tip will not only assist you to understand what you learnt that day, but it will help store this information in your long term memory.

People who are already used to this method tends to produce good results in school.

2. Write Down Everything

Don’t assume your brain to be so supersonic that can remember everything.

Always write down any activities or task you have that is forth coming so that you can always be reminded each time you check your time or task book. You can write down task or activities like assignments, exams,presentation, etc.

3. Avoid Relying on Motivation

As a student, you don’t have to wait until you are in the mood before you start doing your academic task.

Those considered as best students in school do not wait until they’re told before they get down to work, they do it a normal life routine just like the way they eat daily, the same way they study daily.

Try this tips for one month, and you’ll find yourself getting used to it.

4. Avoid Distractions

You have to avoid distractions before they become distractions to you.

Distraction is one of the biggest storm to doing well in academics. It is not that easy to overcome distractions, not everyone have that willpower to doing task at the right time and avoid distractions. If you do not have such grace, all you need to do is to

  • Turn off your phone data
  • Stay far away from your phone
  • Eliminate all the app in your phone that’ll distract you
  • Let a partner know about your changes

5. Avoid Multi-Tasking

Most people can read while listening to music, and some can read at the same time chewing gum.

The true fact is that, you cannot serve two masters at the same time. Our brain can’t retain information effectively when you multi-task.

If it’s time for studies, avoid any other task and focus on your studies until you’re done before engaging in another task.

6. Cultivate The Belief That You Can Do It

I want you to know that intelligence is not a fixed trait.

People who puts more efforts to know or to be intelligent usually become even more intelligent.

Do not ever consider yourself as someone who isn’t intelligent or a dump, but rather have that belief that you can do it. Belief is power.

7. Test Yourself

After reading, always set a brief test for yourself.

This will help you discover areas where you still have lapses. And once these lapses are discovered, try to see how you can do more better and be perfect in it.

8. Take Note of Your Mistakes Made in Test and Exams

If at all you encounter or made any mistake during the cause of your exams and test, after your exams and test try to check out for those mistakes and analyse those mistakes properly. Ask yourself questions why you made such mistake and examine properly.

9. Hangout With People That Supports Your Dream

The kind of people you find yourself have the power to influence you either negatively or positively. That is why we must be very careful on the kind of peers we hangout with. Peer pressure affects people of all ages.

Checkout if your peers are really on support of your dream, are they always positive or negative in their ways?, Do they seek for excellence or they seek for shortcuts?

These are the things you need to checkout before choosing the friends you hangout with.

10. Have a Purpose

Being in school is not only about the book, you also learn character and manners.

During your study, your purpose should not only be on the A’s you want to make, but you should also consider your role when you leave the walls of school. Your character really matters, What kind of person you’d like to become, Your lifestyle should be that which can affect other lives positively, How you’d like to contribute to the good of others and What relationships you’d like to nurture.

11. Contribute and Help Others

The aim of education is to become equipped with skills and knowledge so that you can help others.

Life does not only earn in school, always see how you can help and support others who may not be better than you. Helping others does not mean you should give them money for lunch, although this is also a way of offering help. What i mean is to assist others academically, explain to them if they don’t understand the lesson that was taught. With this, you help to create more grace for yourself.

12. Develop a Memory Technique

The most commonly used memory technique is Acronym.

You can develop your own memory technique.

You can memorise by visualisation or chunking.

13. Create Time to Rest

There’s a saying in Nigeria that ”Body no be firewood”. No matter your goals for academic excellence, always create time to rest.

The main purpose why we’re in school is to acquire knowledge and skills, use that skills to secure a job and create wealth.

We know that Health is Wealth. Without a good health you can’t enjoy the wealth you’ve spent so many years to create.

Always make out time to rest your head.

14. Manage Your Emotions

You can experience stress through emotions. We have emotional stress where your state of mind is not at rest.

Learn how to manage your emotions.

In school, it is certain that you must find someone that you’ll definitely develop intimate feelings for. It is natural, but that doesn’t mean because it is natural you end up not controlling, or else you’ll end up falling academically.

It is not only intimate emotions. As a student, there are some time you’ll encounter financial challenges, this financial challenge may weigh you down if proper care is not taken.

Learn how to manage your emotions as a student.

15. Eat Healthy Food

You ind should not only be on reading, also, you need food to enhance your brain performance.

Don’t spend your money only on text books but also spend it on good and healthy foods.

Good food helps you stay healthy and strong.

16. Be Inquisitive

It is not a crime for someone to always ask questions in class, peers gathering, etc. When you ask questions you tend to clear your doubts.

Do not be frighten to ask questions whenever you are not clear as this will help you to know the unknown.


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